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New Braunfels Santa Experience

Seeing and believing in Santa is such a special, cherished tradition of childhood, I've always wanted to offer the opportunity to have special experiences with him to the community. I want to offer more than the quick 2 minute experience when you go to the mall after waiting in line for forever with someone who may be less than jolly after sitting there all all day. I want to craft an experience that the kids will remember forever. For them to feel like he knows them and to feel the magic.

When 2020 crashed and burned, I invited Santa to our home to see the kids. That experience is one they still talk about today. They had time to read a book and to talk. He knew them by name, of course, before they even met and it was magical. This year I've transformed my studio to a toy store front and a chance meeting with Santa there should be a magical and memorable experience! Book now for your special New Braunfels Santa and San Antonio Santa Experience!

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