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About Me

My name is Larissa and I'm the person behind the camera at Capture Life Beautiful Photography.  I've enjoyed taking pictures for as long as I can remember.  (Ask my brothers and childhood friends about the photoshoots I did of them with whatever was left of the film on my disposable camera from camp.)  I've upgraded a little, well alot, since then... and formally opened my business in 2013.  My desire to learn more about photography deepened because I wanted to beautifully capture my own children's childhood.  I soon discovered how rewarding it is to share it with others.

I love pouring through old family photos and asking about who the people in them are and more of their story.  I appreciate the link that photos give us to the past.  Both generations gone and moments of our own.  Photos are one of my most prized possessions  and I want to help you make your own beautiful memories.

I’m so grateful for every day of this life. Every day that I get to be a mom to my kids, a wife to my husband, and I want all my days to give glory to the One who made it all. That is my why. I want to capture the beauty in your lives and praise the Maker for it all.

I am primarily a New Braunfels Photographer but I serve the Hill Country and greater San Antonio Area.  I want your photos to be natural, comfortable, expressive of your personality, and timeless. We can discuss the location and shoot somewhere meaningful for you or I can make  suggestions. Prior to your session we will discuss the vision you have for your photos in consultation by phone or email. Your session includes a custom outfit guide based on your style. We will work together to achieve the vision you have for your photos and make them into beautiful memories!!

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