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Session Info and FAQ

How does this work? It seems like all photographers run their businesses a little different. Everyone does run their business a little different! The way my sessions work is that we discuss your session ahead of time, sometimes this is extensive planning and sometimes it's just the email with all my session day instructions. Whatever you need! On the day of, our session will be for the amount of time listed in your contract. During that time I will take A LOT of pictures. After your session, within three days, I will send you an email with a link to your gallery that shows pretty much every photo I took unless they were out of focus. I have edited these photos a little. Then you choose the photos that you would like to have an let me know you have made your selections (within a week of receiving your proof gallery) and I will perfect the ones you have selected. If you have selected more that the session fee included, you will receive an invoice for the extra photos. Once I'm done editing, you will be emailed a link for the final gallery where you can download and share your images as much as you would like.

Can I have all the images from my session, the un-edited images, or the RAW images? The images you see are never truly "raw." All proof galleries have been lightly edited for some color correction. A truly RAW file requires specific programs to read it and cannot be printed. An unedited image will be flat and not representative of the work I provide. Un-edited images and RAW images are never released to my clients. I desire to provide you with beautifully finished artwork. If you would like all the edited images from your gallery you may purchase additional images to add on to the images that are included in your session fee.

What is included in my session? Your session includes the amount of time and the number of digital images described in your contract. The final images will be emailed for downloading. The session fee does not include physical prints. A detailed description of what is included in each session type is listed under the investment tab.


What do I need to do to book a session? We will discuss your vision for the session and the date. In order for a session to be officially book, your contract must be signed and your deposit paid. The remaining session fee is due prior to your session.

When will I get my photos? Your proof gallery will be sent to you within 72 hours of your session. These photos have been lightly edited. You will have one week to make the selections for your final gallery. Once you submit your favorites, it will take approximately 2 weeks for your final edited gallery to be completed.

What is a client closet? A client closet is an assortment of clothing (mostly women's, infants and girls) that I provide for you to use at your session in order to assist you with styling your session beautifully. These clothes are known to photograph beautifully and I encourage you to use my closet. There is no additional fee for using my client closet.

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