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2023 Customer Appreciation Event

Being able to offer special Santa sessions has been one of my biggest joys of this business. I wanted to create a special event, something so much more personal and special than the assembly line style at the mall. My Santa is always in a great mood, fantastic with the kids and we have plenty of time to make sure little ones are comfortable meeting the jolly fellow.

This year I decided to do something new. I hosted a Christmas event with cookies, hot chocolate, crafts and of course Santa himself. This was a free event for anyone who had a session with me in the 2023 calendar year. It was a huge hit and I plan to make it an annual event.

I know some people did not receive their invitation this year. That spam filter got so many emails from what a few people have told me. I will be setting up a link with your confirmation of any session booked this year, and also be looking for your invitation in early October if you book with me in 2024!!

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