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New Braunfels Photographer | What does a Mini Session look like with CLB?

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

One question that I am asked frequently is, "will a mini session be long enough?" That is a question that you will have to answer based upon what you are wanting to get from a session to some extent, but also to some extent I say YES!

Part of me wants to say no, because truly I love to shoot the storyteller (full) sessions that allow so much more variety, opportunity to tell YOUR story in a custom location, and allows for so much more time to play and love on each other. BUT if time, budget, or if you think a little one just won't do longer than 15 minutes and that makes a mini session the best option for your family, then book it!

The session was shot in just over 10 minutes, in one location. The time stamp on my camera said 6:04 at the beginning and 6:13 at the end of the session. They ended up with about 150 images to choose from, and the images in this post are the final edited images. Its a pretty good variety, and a normal mini session is 5 minutes longer!

So whatever your needs are, book the session that is best for your family and capture this time in your life. Next year their little hands will be bigger, they'll stand a little taller, remember this time, right now, just as your family is today. You'll never regret having beautiful photos of you together!! This time in your life deserves to be captured!

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